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  • "HappyEnding" means the business undertaking of P/L (ABN 46907842173), it’s employees, representatives, owners and operators
  • "Advertiser" means the business undertaking of the Advertiser, it’s employees, representative, owners and operators, as well as the ‘Contact Person’ authorised to sign the Listing Application form.

Free Listings

HappyEnding maintains a listing database of both paid advertisers and free listings. We reserve the right to publish, or not publish, Adult Service listings at our discretion. To make the database as comprehensive as we can, it is not limited to businesses which have commercial arrangements with A free listing for a business does not mean that the listed business has any commercial arrangement with

Advertiser Terms & Conditions

  1. If the Advertiser does not accept any of the following terms and conditions the Advertiser is not permitted to advertise or list its business on
  2. This website advertises & lists ‘adult services’, which are intended for adults (i.e. over 18 years of age) and is intended to operate upon ethical standards which comply with all applicable local, State and Federal laws.
  3. The Advertiser shall conduct and operate the business as its own business and as an independent contractor.
  4. The Advertiser understands, acknowledges and accepts that:
    1. HappyEnding provides access to this site to assist adults to contact the Advertiser;
    2. HappyEnding does not conduct or operate any of the businesses of its advertisers and is not connected with any of its advertisers’ services, activities or conduct provided except for advertising & listing the businesses;
    3. HappyEnding is not associated with the business in any way (it does not control any of the services, activities or conduct the business of the Advertiser in any way)
    4. HappyEnding does not evaluate or recommend the business, services, activities or conduct of the Advertiser and does not make any warranty or representation in respect thereof;
    5. HappyEnding cannot be held liable or responsible for any of the services, activities or conduct of the business of the Advertiser or for any interaction that may occur by and between the Advertiser and the consumer.
  5. The Advertiser acknowledges and declares:
    1. All persons employed or contracted by or associated with the business are over the age of 18 years or if the business operates in a State, Territory or country wherein the law requires persons employed or contracted by or associated with the business to be of an age which is higher than 18 years then they are of the required age.
    2. The Advertiser shall obey all applicable local, State and Federal laws and in particular the Advertiser shall not solicit or engage in any illegal activities including :
      1. advertising for prostitutes
      2. causing or allowing an advertisement to include a statement intended or likely to induce a person to seek employment as a prostitute;
      3. not complying with any applicable licensing regime;
      4. not complying with any applicable advertising policy including approved form, size, colour and content;
      5. where applicable, not applying for approval from the appropriate licensing authority of any advertisement to be published on this site or not complying with the terms of such approval;
    3. Further the Advertiser shall ensure that all persons employed or contracted by or associated with the business shall not breach the matters set out in paragraph 5b) hereof [being the preceding sub-paragraph].
    4. The business only provides the services that are advertised on this site.
    5. The Advertiser believes that viewing the content of this site is not contrary to any local, State and Federal laws applicable to any area in which this site may be viewed by the guest.
    6. In consideration of HappyEnding agreeing to permit the Advertiser to advertise its business, the Advertiser agrees to fully indemnify HappyEnding against any claim or demand or any loss sustained by the Advertiser howsoever arising through use of this site by the Advertiser or by the Consumer or anything directly or indirectly arising out of the services, activities, conduct or interaction of the Advertiser or the activities, conduct or interaction of the Consumer.
    7. Under no circumstance will HappyEnding be liable for any damages, claim or demand from the Advertiser’s or Consumer’s reliance upon anything derived from this site even if HappyEnding is advised that such defect or unsuitability exists.
    8. The Advertiser accepts full responsibility for any correspondence, communication, contact or interaction with the Consumer. All fee arrangements are strictly between the Advertiser and the Consumer.
    9. The Advertiser is not associated or affiliated in any way with any local, State or Federal law enforcement agency and further the Advertiser shall not engage in any activity which involves or may involve acting as an agent provocateur.
    10. The content of this site including the intellectual property and images are the copyright of HappyEnding and shall not be redistributed.
    11. Only one listing is permitted per business
    12. QLD advertisers agree to comply with the prostitution licensing authority of Queensland (PLA) and any and all state and government laws in Australia (see Advertisers agree to take full legal responsibility for failing to comply & agree that by advertising on the directory to accept legal responsibility for photos and images supplied and agrees to only provide photos that are fully owned or authorized for use.

Advertiser Content

  1. The Advertiser is responsible for providing in writing or electronically all relevant material (Advertiser Material) for use on the Website, in accordance with any requirements of P/L including as to deadlines and delivery formats P/L takes no responsibility for any of the Advertiser Material.
  2. P/L may remove, revise or refuse to publish any Advertiser Material. No pictures containing full frontal nudity or of a pornographic content are permitted.
  3. P/L reserves the right to include or exclude entry to, or remove a business from, the site and the directory at any time, for any reason whatsoever and without any liability to P/L;

Fees and Charges

Invoicing and payment:
  1. Upon receipt of the approved and authorised Listing Form, the Advertiser will be issued with a tax invoice inclusive of GST. Payment is required as set out in clause 6 below. Advertisements will not be published until payment is received in full.
  2. The Advertiser must pay all fees and charges as set out in an approved and authorised order form upon receipt of a tax invoice on the payment dates set out in that document.
  3. P/L reserves the right to make changes to the prices at any time
  4. The Advertiser acknowledges that the fee and other charges are inclusive of GST. GST is charged at a rate of 10%. If the rate of GST changes, this will simultaneously be reflected in the charges payable by the Advertiser and the Advertiser agrees to pay this increase from the changed date.
  5. The Advertiser is expected to adhere to the payment terms and payment method agreed to on the order form, or equivalent document.
  6. Payment methods and payment terms accepted by P/L are as follows: credit card payments via Paypal, direct bank transfer, cheque or money order. Listings will not be posted until payment has been received in full. Under no circumstances will credit accounts be provided to any advertiser.
  7. Renewal invoices will be sent to all advertisers, 1 month prior to the expiry of their listing. Should the advertiser choose not to renew their listing, their listing will revert to a ‘Teaser Listing’ for the next 12months, after which time may be removed from the site at HappyEnding’s discretion.

Cancellation Policy

If the Advertiser wants to terminate their contract within the period of the term of the contract then the Advertiser must do the following:
  1. Contact P/L in writing, stating their request. Only the Registered ‘Contact Person’ is authorised to make such a request, and the Advertisers ‘Reference Code’ must be clearly stated.
  2. The Advertiser acknowledges that by cancelling the contract & removing their advertisement that no refunds are given.