The Neighbour

Sep 25 2017

I meet you in the lobby of our apartment building. You're sexy with the body of a god. Yum! I am too shy to say anything but you ask if I'd like to hang out and have a drink. We sit in the commons area and go through a few glasses of wine before deciding to turn In for the night. You walk me to my room and give me a quick kiss. "I enjoyed our talk. I'll see you later." you say. I just kind of giggle nervously. I know what you're thinking but the thoughts going through my head are anything but childish. I go in my apartment and get naked for bed. My nipples ache from the excitement of the night. I'll never fall asleep if I don't cum to ease the tension you've put in my body. I lay down and lightly brush my tight nipples while thinking of you. It sends tingles all the way down to my pussy. My body tightens with the feeling as I continue stroking. I wonder what your mouth would feel like on my aching nipples. I begin tracing my clit with my finger tip. That kiss was amazing. If I was ...


Aug 02 2017

Sitting by the water is always relaxing especially when you have a few cold beers close at hand. After a few cold ones I was ready for a little nap listening to the water lap at the shore just a few feet away. I had kicked the lounge chair back to let the sun bake my body for a little while. I was daydreaming a bit and proceeded to get a woody under my bathing suit. While I am not over endowed, I am a little above average and my cock laid against my stomach pointing at my chin.People were coming and going but because I wasn't pitching a tent I wasn't concerned. I must have fallen asleep because I woke up hearing someone giggle next to me. I thought I recognized it as a close friend that was spending the afternoon with us. Nicole was on the other side of me and I listened to them talk as I pretended to be asleep."Do you like what you see peeking out of his waistband?" Nicole asked Felicity. I didn't realize it but the head of my cock had slipped out of my suit at the waist during my nap ...

The Harem Part 2

Feb 09 2017

First Night in the palace Carmel was now in a large bedroom with three of the other girls that were selected with her that morning. The room had a sunken-in floor in the center that looked to serve as a bed that could easily hold 6 people. Several cushions that looked to be as large as beds themselves lined the walls. There was still plenty of room to walk in-between all of these services. The room was joined to another room where the girls that Carmel recognized as the ones that were with the man earlier were all standing around talking. The girls suddenly turn and stare when they see Carmel and the other new girls.

The Harem

Dec 06 2016

Carmel waited anxiously on the floor with the other naked virgins in a hallway of the palace. Some of the girls were clinging to each other and crying. Others simply tried to unsuccessfully cover their nakedness with their hands and long hair, or stare at the floor, fidgeting nervously. Carmel simply stared at her surroundings, observing the grand height of the ceiling, and the vibrant, lavish décor surrounding them. She had never been this far away from home before, and was not self-conscious about her nudity in front of the other girls. In a poor family, there is no time or room for modesty when getting dressed or bathing beside her nine older sisters. Several guards were nearby, trying not to stare too closely. The guards did make Carmel self-conscious, so she tried to pretend they were not there. Suddenly a door opens in front of them and from it appears an attractive woman that Carmel assumes to be about 10 or 15 years older than her. She is dressed in colourful s ...

The Ex

Sep 27 2016

Tom put his phone down and gave a sigh of relief. Simone had been over eight times in the past three weeks and while none of the sessions matched the intensity of their first encounter, he was still beginning to feel his fifty six years. So when she called to tell him she was going home to the bay area for the weekend and had decided to stay a few extra days, he wasn't completely disappointed. The phone rang again, Tom thought it might be his friend Tony, but when he looked at his caller ID, he was shocked by the name he saw...Sara.Sara was Tom's ex wife, they were divorced for over twenty five years, she remarried, but he never did. They actually became friends after the divorce, but when she moved to New Mexico they kind of lost contact with each other. "Hey, long time since I heard from you, what's up?""Hello to you too."" are you?""I doing good. How about you?""Never been better." Tom and Sara had been on good terms, but he was still a little leery as to why she ...

New Neighbourhood

Sep 02 2016

"The firm's gone bust," Eddie told his wife, Carlie. "Management called us in today to break the bad news. I'm out of a job." Carlie paled. They had a mortgage, a heavy one, and with only one of them working they wouldn't be able to make the payments. "What are we going to do?" she asked. "I've been looking at our finances. We'll have to sell but we should get a fair price even in the current market. That'll take the mortgage off our back and we can invest whatever we have left after the mortgage so that we have a good deposit when I finally get a new job. In the meantime, we'll have to look around for somewhere relatively cheap to rent." Carlie nodded, resigned. She liked this house but better to sell while they could get some sort of return from their investment instead of waiting for the bank to come and take it because they couldn't pay the mortgage. Carlie was pleasantly surprised at how easily their house sold. They'd have quite a nice nest egg that the ...

When you need to go

Aug 17 2016

"OH SHIT!!! I CAN'T STAND THIS MUCH LONGER!!!" Trish's face again looked out the window hoping to find a tree she could hide behind to piss. But once again all she saw was the emptiness of the desert. "Please, don't you see anything?" "No, Baby, there's nothing." Trish leaned her head back on the car seat and groaned again. This was truly the Highway from Hell. The first gas station bathroom they passed, which now seemed like hours ago, had someone in it who was just taking her sweet time, despite Trish's begging to hurry up. The second bathroom, much time and urgency later, had "out of order" signs on the women's and men's (yes, Trish had considered going in that one) bathrooms. "Oh, god, Oh, god, oh gaawwd." Trish groaned loudly. "SHIT!!! SHIT!!! SHIT!!!!!!" Trish cried out, as it was apparent that God wasn't listening. Trish felt her eyes welling up. She would have bit her lip still more, except she was beginning to think it was now bleeding. "Hang in there Babe, we'll find somethin ...

Rough Experience

Jun 15 2016

It was my best friend's birthday and so, even though I had an assignment to finish by Friday, I reluctantly put on my little black dress, a red belt and some sexy red heels and headed out to the restaurant where we were meeting. I lived on the opposite side of town but opted to walk to save some money for that gorgeous brown bag I really wanted to buy... At the end of the road, a couple of men leaned from the window of their Ford Falcon and yelled at me to suck their cocks. I don't understand why men do that; it really does not make me want to answer "yes." Still, it was an affirmation of sorts that I looked good which I had not previously gotten since both my flatmates were away for the weekend. I tossed my hair at them provocatively to make them hornier. I received quite a few other comments on the way to the restaurant and some admiring looks at my legs. I'm only of average height but I regularly play basketball and squash and so I have fabulously long, toned legs tha ...

Sandy and Phil

May 18 2016

Sandy is a naïve 19 year old girl. Phil is in his mid-30s, and is very experienced. Sandy peeks around the door, responding to the knock, not sure if to let Phil inside or not. "G’Day, Sandy," Phil smiles gently as he spots his target for the night. She has wide green eyes, lined with black lashes that stare back at him, full of innocence, but a little mistrust. Her cheeks are rosy; she has been waiting expectantly, and flashes him a shy smile of white teeth when she greets him. Sandy pauses considering her options. "Hi, Phil," she decides to open the door letting Phil inside. He is tall, about 6'3'' and has dirty blonde hair with a few days of facial growth to match. His eyes are blue, piercing almost, and Sandy is surprised at how handsome he is. Phil steps forward and locks the door behind him. He wants her to know she can't escape. "It's lovely to see what a beautiful young woman you are in person." Sandy flushes, and awkwardly shrinks down, lett ...

My Best Friends brother

Apr 04 2016

I'm walking across campus, deciding what to do with my free time, when I see my best from Sarah talking to her brother Tommy next to the campus bar. I have about five hours between my first class and my next one, but it's not worth it to go back to my house (going over to find my car, drive it back to my house, stay for an hour, drive back, find parking, etc, just isn't worth it). "Hey!" I call out, and see the two of them turn around. Sarah smiles and waves back at me, and Tommy shyly waves. I've been best friends with Sarah for two years, and although I just met Tommy recently we have been talking heaps. We have a class together, and similar interests, so we get along. He's two years younger than me, but I think that there might be something between the two of us. Sarah seems to think there is, and would love for me to be her sister-in-law. But I'm a junior in college, Tommy is a freshman, and I don't think either are thinking marriage at this point in our lives. " ...